High Mother Sarise Dremagne

Female elderly cleric of Abadar.


A matronly woman of 60 years, High Mother Sarise Dremagne is a cleric of Abadar who leads Fort Inevitable’s largest congregation, the Temple of the Golden Key. Stern and proper, High Mother Saris dislikes the Hellknights’ support for slavery and their veneration of Asmodeus, but generally approves of their vigorous enforcement of the law. In her eyes, as long as one isn’t a lawbreaker, then it isn’t a problem that the laws of the twon are sternly enforced.

The High Mother is the most influential non-Hellknight in the town, and the Temple’s ecclesiastical calendar is the framework around which most of the townsfolk arrange their lives. While High Mother Sarise does not challenge the lady commander’s rule, she serves as an important voice against brutality and persecution.


High Mother Sarise Dremagne

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