Nightingale is a young female who often appears in her human form, wearing black leathers, a hooded cape and with magenta highlights in her hair.

She is often silent as she usually finds it simpler to go unnoticed, but whenever it is to her advantage, she does reveal herself from the shadows, and makes quite an impression.

Young, fit and an exotic beauty, her mysteries seem to captivate all who know her, making them bend to her whims as they suit her.


If you need something retrieved, but secrecy is of the utmost importance, or if the item in question is impossible to obtain, there is only one name which – if you are well connected enough, and have the right amount of coin – comes to mind… Nightingale.

Nightingale’s existence itself is a well kept secret that only the highest bidders know about – much less is known about her origins.
But based on her skill, one can only determine that she has been well trained and has made the right connections to be as accomplished and elusive as she is.

There is no trap that is too sophisticated for her to disarm, and no lock that is too complicated for her to pick. She is as silent as the moon and uses shadows as her secret doorways.

A born thief and with only her own interests at heart, Nightingale is not one to be trusted, though the few who meet her tend to find her tantalizing and fall helplessly to her beauty and charms.


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