Paralictor Audara Drovust

Lady Commander of Fort Inevitable


Paralictor Audara Drovust is the commanding officer of the Order of the Pike’s chapter in the Crusader Road region, ruler of the Citadel, high magistrate, tax assessor, director of public works, keeper of the treasury, and chief regulator of business and commerce in Fort Inevitable. No important aspect of the town’s life and activity is left outside the lady commander’s authority. Law-abiding citizens find the lady commander’s rule to be firm but manageable.

She is a tall, athletic woman of 45 years. She spent close to 30 years as an armiger, Hellknight, and field officer before ascending to command of the fort. Lady Drovust rarely draws a sword herself these days, but is an experienced general with a gift of engineering and logistics. She personally designed the town’s defenses and oversaw their construction for her predecessor. Lady Drovust also heads the bureaucracy of the Citadel. Everything eventually crosses her desk and receives her personal attention.

Audara Drovust had accompanied Varden as a young armiger when he first came to Southwood, and worked her way up through the ranks with cold efficiency over the years.

Lady Drovust took command and investigated the assassination. Within a month, she rounded up 11 suspected conspirators who were supposedly plotted to overthrow the Hellknight regime. Some of the conspirators went to the gallows still protesting their innocence, but the lady commander informed them they would receive the exact some clemency they had shown to Lord Varden, and hanged them anyway.

Lady Commander Drovust has proven herself to be meticulous and efficient. Since her accession in the aftermath of Lord Varden’s assassination, her rule has been relatively untroubled. She works steadily to counter the return of widespread banditry in the area and guide Fort Inevitable’s continued growth.


Paralictor Audara Drovust

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