Alfhid's Journal

19 Pharast, 4715

Interesting companions, and interesting things learned.
We actually made it into the Spire and immediately encountered darkness Ol’ Deadeye’s light couldn’t penetrate, it was disconcerting, not to mention meant that I was less effective in combat than normal. Goblins had infested the upper level, and it appears that the undead may reside below, the Spire being less of a Spire and more a traditional dungeon.

It seems that we have some fey infiltration, as Nightingale proved some sort of shapechanger. The rest of the party appeared to prove to be what they claimed, and this might prove a worthwhile expedition beyond the material wealth.

They plan to spend some time at a place called “Thornkeep”, I think in that time I will learn some Azlanti, as it may be of some use in this ruin.

16 Pharast, 4715

I had heard the River Kingdoms are rife with bandits, and perhaps Fort Inevitable is not truely part of those lands, but my travels were uneventful. Arrival at the gate was as expected. I don’t agree with these Hell Knights, but they are the law, and have more than enough force to back it up.
I met with my contact, a former adventurer named Gorn. He had some others arrive, apparently unexpectedly. Generally, they seem useful, though I’ll have to watch that they don’t land us all in a gibbet.

Alfhid's Journal

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