Gorn's Journal

“This won’t be easy. It never is, but this…really won’t be easy. Two very strange creatures, one that looks like a mix between an orc and snake, the other – a wheedling and arrogant gnome – pr something that looks like a gnome. I can’t be sure. The folks of the Fort are always giving me sideways glances, but with these two in tow – I’ll have a lot of tap dancing to do to keep the authorities from following our every move. On the plus side, though they are strange, they appear clever and talented. Another interesting note: Bibidy (that gnomish looking creature who can’t possibly be a gnome…) hates slavery. It’s worth keeping tabs on. His thirst for justice, his intellect and his unpredictability make him someone I look forward to observing – but I also dread what he may or may not do. These two make for an alien pair the likes of which I’ve not seen in all my travels.

“The cleric of Erastil is a welcome counterbalance. Calm, disciplined, and professional. It’s the sort of adventurer I most enjoy working with. Takes personal responsibility and won’t keep me up at night wondering if he’s in jail. Seems to be a northerner with a desire to defend his own people. A noble cause that I can get behind.

“There’s also the Dwarf. He seems cut of the same cloth as the cleric. Calm, disciplined and (thanks be to Desna, Lady of Luck) a dwarf who can obey the law! With him and the cleric together, I’m sure the party won’t stray too far off track.

“Lastly there’s Nightingale. A welcome addition to the party. Charming and lovely. For a man of my years (hang that, for a man of any age) she’s the epitome of trouble. She’s got everything you want and everything you know you should keep away from if you value your neck. Damn me, will adventurers ever learn to just settle for a good woman and not go chasing mysterious beauties? I’ll keep it professional – of course. And it may not be something I need to worry about. That lizard man, Xemcel I think, seems to have designs on her. Keeps things simple for me.

“So, a party of five. Not bad but not ideal. If I can wrangle up one more adventurer it would be perfect. I hate sending these five into the spire without at least one more talented creature in there. The last party of five that entered was robbed and left for dead on the Crusader road the night after they left Fort Inevitable! I’ll try and delay a day and hope another letter or writ arrives. Failing that, I’ll take a walk-in freelancer. Six would be much better for the Spire, otherwise, Desna help them!

I’ll begin by giving equal praise to Desna and to the tenacity of adventurers! Despite my fears they survived, though they didn’t escape unscathed. Each of them had a look in their eyes – a dull pall that took something of the life from them. The party that walked into the Spire that morning was not the same one that walked out.

The important thing is that they survived. It takes guts to seek the Spire. It takes skill to escape its clutches. I didn’t ask about what happened there. I didn’t want to press them under such conditions, but from clutches of their conversation it appears they had trouble with goblins, darkness, and other creatures of a more exotic origin.

Despite their ordeal, a good portion of them seemed intrigued by the old legends of Zog. Over a morning mead, the glint in their eyes returned. Most of them want to go to Thornkeep and investigate rumours of yet another old ruin. The Cleric, Alfhid has bowed-out of this venture. I can hardly blame him. Thornkeep is no place for a priest of Erastil. The others mind…I think they’ll fit right in.

I’ll close here. I have to get gathering gear and supplies for the party’s next venture. Speaking of which, I’ll have to press them for their Company’s formal name. The Hellknights’ litigiousness knows no limits.

Gorn's Journal

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