The Emerald Spire

Standing in a wide clearing within the Echo Wood, the Emerald Spire is the ruin of a large Azlanti tower that appears to be made of green glass harder than stone. The upper portions of the tower were destroyed long ago, leaving broken, half-melted glass blocks lying jumbled around the tower’s perimeter and the ground nearby. The site is well known to locals from both Fort Inevitable and Thornkeep, and many travelers passing through the Crusader Road area make the trek into the forest to look on the ruins—from a safe distance. The Spire’s ruins are known to be infested with dangerous monsters, and the surroundings attract an unhealthy number of bandits, raiders, and hungry predators.

Generally held beliefs

The history of the Emerald Spire is largely unknown in this day and age. Few scholars have ever studied the place—as far as the local people of the River Kingdoms are concerned, it’s enough to know that the Spire is old, strange, and dangerous. The Emerald Spire is widely reported to be an Azlanti ruin or thought to be some kind of retreat or workshop for the Azlanti who once lived in the Echo Wood.

The Spire Glen

The Emerald Spire stands in a broad, raised clearing in the southwest reaches of the Echo Wood. This open area is known locally as the Spire Glen. The glen is almost perfectly circular and centered on the Emerald Spire, as if some unseen hand had long ago drawn a border around the old tower with a compass more than 500 yards wide. The trees of the Echo Wood crowd up against this unseen border and suddenly halt—nothing larger than a sapling grows in the Glen.

The Emerald Spire

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